2010 Rise 10m - 2 blown bladders

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i love the kite, and maybe this is all my fault for buying used but i have just gone through my 2nd bladder (and associated leading edge tear).  The first one the blew while sitting overhead (not moving) in wind that wasn’t even strong enough to keep me upwin with a mako king.  the 2nd time was a kite crash but it didn’t seem to be that hard.  I’ve never blown a bladder in 5 years of kiting until now ( i still own 4 year old best kites still on original bladders).  I strongly prefer the rise but this has left me stranded twice now.

My concern / question is: How do i know I am putting in a bladder that is not problematic when i get them from a dealer?  Are there serial numbers i can check with you?  details i can look for that would suggest what era of bladder they are?

the particular dealer has been good to me in that they keep sending the bladders but i am now questioning if that could be costing me as i keep paying for the kites to be repaired…

Any insight is appreciated.


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sucks for sure.

The bladder wont be the problem.  It lends no stregth to the equation.  If your getting a leading edge blow out its something to do with the leading edge/wear/inflation.

Had three different kites blow on me last year, all within a short period of time and was for sure not pumping the kites very hard by the time the last one happened.  Turns out that may have been part of my problem.  On a “why do my torches blow up” thread on Kiteforum, the Naish designer piped in with his thoughts on the matter, chiefly that many people under inflate their kites, leaving them prone to repetitive creasing, ie repetitive wear and eventual failure.

I pump em reasonably tight now, and cross my fingers!