12m razor 2012 and large fusion bar

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First go on my new kite and was very pleased loads of power and pretty nimble for big kite and it was on middle setting probably crank it up to fast turning next time. Kite was solid in air and loads of power did some big airs with very little movement of the kite. Also had to pull in depower a fair bit as I was overpowered and it didn’t alter the way the kite handled - pretty sure I’ll get a 9m as soon as I can shift my other kite. Used with twin tip today so keen to get out on surfboard soon


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Stoked for you. The 12/ 9m combi is a great choice. I run 12m Razor 9m Rise so when it good winds I can go big. For a surfboard the Razor is the way to go. The big bar work well with both kite .Just use the inner setting for the small one. Was out today on the 8m razor . You would not believe the depower on the baby