South Tower Video - Kitesurfing under the Golden Gate Bridge


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South Tower Video - Kitesurfing under the Golden Gate

I have been working on filming this and editing it over the past year and its finally done!!
Watch the whole thing and I welcome all comments and critiques
Please repost and share the video if you can.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

A day at the South Tower. Filmed over the past year showing an average day of kitesurfing and life around the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge… where all the good wind and waves for are centered at.
Kiting at Crissy also has LOTS of perils and things that can (and do) go wrong out there even to the best seasoned local riders.

Always something fun to do and watch out there. Kiting, surfing, SUPing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming, tourist watching, etc

Bubble, Brown, P-Air, Charlie, Due, Heineken, Fares, Geleynse,
Stephaans, Von Tesmar, Will, Loscocco and many others…

Thanks to Ocean Rodeo, Windy Devil, USCG, and the rest of the Crissy Crew

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Hey Erin,
that’s a super nice video, it really shows well the sorts of fun and conditions you have over there. Not the easiest ride with all that current and big ships!
Really enjoyed it. Good number of Dutch-ish names amongst the riders too…
thanks for making/posting!


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Great video Erin!
Merry Christmas to all the San Fran crew!!