Pyro Pro dry suit with a knee brace


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Anyone use the pyro pro dry suit with a knee brace? If so, do you wear it over the suit or under it? I blew out my knee this summer and I’ll be wearing a brace for the next couple of years. I do lots of cold water riding and I already have a pryo pro suit but I am concerned that a knee brace will wear holes in the suit.




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that would be my concern too.  I would try to put a layer over the brace to keep it off the suit itself.  There is enough room in the suit to wear it if the brace is anything like mine.  Dont think you can get it over the suit.  Way too much bulk.  Any drysuit would be too much bulk.  Ive got a great brace that I wear snowkiting.  Full on townsend carbon fiber made from a cast.  The whole nine yards.  Its really designed to fit on the skin and even my 4/3 is too much.  In winter, I usually wear it under my long undies, so would try that and then the pyro.  Should work just fine.

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i use a CTi brace with my pyro Predator/surf the great thing with drysuits is that you can wear them under the suit.
So the brace doesn’t get coverd by the sand and water, and its stay’s beter in place.

so Don’t worry


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