St Lucia

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Has anyone gone to St Lucia recently? We are headed down the last week of Feb. and staying at the Reef Huts right on the beach. Can anyone share their experiences good or bad. Thanks Trev.

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I’m looking at the same, staying maybe at Coconut Bay, it’s between there and Tulum.

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I spent a winter there teaching windsurfing years ago.  Lots of wind everyday- especially in the morning.  Have fun!



St. John’s Newfoundland

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I went there last January. It was not great but it was good. Wind was 15-25 mph sideshore almost every day. I stayed in Coconut Bay and did kiting by the resort and at the Reef ~3/4mi South. The beach by the resort is very narrow with plenty of seaweed even though a special tractor cleans it every day. There are plenty of rocks. Some are visible and some are submerged. You have to be careful where you kite and jump. There is enough space but you do need to make mental notes of rocks location.

The spot by the Reef is much better for kiting. Beach is wider, no rocks and the guy who runs kitesurfing place is the nicest guy on Earth. The Reef has a rescue boat, in case if you need one. They also have very inexpensive service of watching you and providing emergency rescue if they see that you need one. The only downside of the Reef is that it is a long walk from Coconut Bay. It is fine before the session but rather annoying in the end. You can leave equipment overnight there, if needed.