Pyro Dry suit

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Hey John I think you mentioned it somewheres but just want to make sure, are you guys going to sell clothing ie: fleece for under the PYRO suit, a one piece would be awesome, if you made it let say, cool thickness, cold thickness and very cold thickness, I would buy it, its alway a hit and miss with my stuff, if not any suggestions about what product has worked the best for you guys.  I love the suit, but would love to complement it with great undergarments.



P.S. Ordering 16m One tomorow, if any used 12m out there let me know.


Kiting is great can’t wait to retire so I can do it full time.  Bring on the wind.


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Fer sure! We hoped to have underwear available for the drysuits by Christmas but it is looking more like early spring now. The prototype is super comfy and warm though! It will be a one piece long john with a back zip. There will be a farmer john optional 2nd layer for really cold days….

John Z