OR One vs. Crossbow 1

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Just wondering if anyone has flown both the OR One 2006 or 2007 and original Crossbow. Looking at the following aspects as well as any other comments about them.

Relaunch?? And after being rolled in surf??
Stability in Sky?? Gust Handling??
Turning Speed??
Keeping power in turns and transitions??
Surfing?? Kite drift??
Jumping?? Height and Hangtime??
Bar Pressure? Didn’t bother me at first on the crossbow but less would now be nice!

I would love to demo the kite, but don’t no where to do it. Now that winters here I will have to wait until the spring anyway for a water demo! I was thinking about selling my crossbows but not sure what kites to replace them with or if there is even a better kite out there. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks


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I have a 12 One and have flown the crossbow for approx half an hour so I can not answer all the questions but I hope this will help
1 I did not drop the crossbow but the One is very good as long as it has plenty of pressure in the tubes.
2 Both about the same.
3 The crossbow is faster though with the new bridle on the One I am not sure that this would still hold
4 Much the same
5 I Have no balls
6 as above
7 The Crossbow had the edge because of it’s turning speed. see above
8 The One was way ahead I found it dificult to time the crossbow as the bar felt vague .The hang time from the One must be up with the best if not the best out there.
9 The reason I was only on the crossbow half an hour was that the bar was miles too heavy and made my arms ache if I wanted a work out I could have gone to the Gym.
Over here in the UK the most noticable diference between the Crossbow and the One is build quality and cost . The Crossbow tickes all the wrong boxes. My biggest customers ae x crossbow /switchblade users who can’t take the bar weight any more.

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It can be put very simply, the One is far far better built and a lot cheaper.

The One bar is a lot less clutterred and the cleat below the bar makes sheeting to unhooking a lot simpler and faster.

The 2006 One does turn slower but this I found can be used to an advantage for trying more stuff without getting spanked so violently.

Have fun dude

Ben Vine