Control bar simulator

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While testing my line lengths today, I came up with a fun way to get the feel of my bar , and most importantly using the safety systems . I am new to kiting (two lessons) and realize this would be boring to anyone that is up and going allready, although if you switched brands it my not be a bad way to get acclimated with a new system.

I used four screwdrivers and two bungie cords( cheap ones with less power work best).  Place one screwdriver in ground and attach to chicken loop, now walk out lines , pull center lines snug and put screwdriver through larks head . Have depowering line in full power position, and bar at least half way up to swivel. Now attach bungies to lark head openings on outside lines, pull and stretch just enough to keep tension in lines, use screwdrivers to secure end of bungies into the ground.
Put your harness on , go back and hook into chicken loop, attach leash , lean enough to put tension on center lines, and you are good to go. Great way to practice using depower, eject, leash eject , sheeting,  ,etc.

If this is an old trick forgive me,