can 5th line be run to pump leash attachment point?


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Hey OR crew was just curious if anyone has ever ran a 5th line to the pump leash attachment point on the leading edge? I would like to try this for drift lanching in some inland lakes i have been eying up. Main problem being lack of dry launch areas. Is that attachment point beefed up enough to bear the load from the 5th line (which is usually pretty minimal once the kite is upside down wingtips up). Just looking for some input. Would they have to be reinforced??? 

My idea is to run the 5th line down through the centre of the bar no different than the mini 5th line is hooked up with the naish-like modification on the fusion bar.

Any help would be great.

Thanks Jim


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The pump attachment point is not engineered to support the kite for a fifth line BUT the roll over bridle (front lines depowered) should serve for this purpose.


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