Big Thank You to OR


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Got home today to find a huge box sitting at my front door.. it was full of new gear from OR!
10m Rise, 12m Rise, Fusion bars and a couple of hoodies and caps - it was an early christmas!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to OR, We only finalised this shipment on Wednesday last week and it’s already arrived from Canada to Australia.

Now, all we have to do is wait for the wind!




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It took 6 days to get my kite. To oz
used it once great waiting for some decent wind now great service

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+1 for OR’s service and thanks to John in particular for all the help.

unfortunatly since my new 10m razor arrived almost 3 months ago i have only been able to get 3 les than perfect rides in due to work and the lack of wind.
so far pretty happy tho.
i was going to order an 8m rise as well but once i get home from work in a month the season will be drawing to a close here :-(
look fwd to seeing the 2013 gear :-p


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Stoked for all of you guys to get out on the water with the new gear! Sam - stoked to have the Kitesurfing Collective on board and to the Aussies amoung us, very happy to have you guys riding down under on the gear too!


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I’ll second/third or 4th that! I’ve just got my 9m and 12m Razors and been enjoying them very much. Also Morgan has just received his 7/10/12 quiver so there is two of us out in exmouth, uk on a regular basis using the kit.

All good

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Yup… Happy campers in Oz ! Loving my new Razors…. New JTPro out on the water today… smile smile smile