Anyone based in south west cornwall?

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Am a bit of a novice at this lark and it gets bit lonely and demoralising on your own out there…moved to Cornwall last year…seems a difficult place to meet people…so anyone from this forum ever on Gwithian beach make yourself known…I am the one mostly under water.

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Hey Chetnik,

Hang in there, I am not sure if this will help to try and to “fit in” in Cornwall but here’s a few suggestions after visiting relations.

1. They don’t speak English, it’s some sort of incomprehensible gibberish with the word “tractor” interjected every other sentence. Maybe sign up for a Cornish language class?

2. Buy one of those old Brtish army landrovers complete with a smelly dog in the front seat. If you’re posh it ought to be a labrador, if not a boarder (sp?) collie.

3. Don’t drive the old landrover over 30mph on the motorway or more than 10mph on a country road.

4. If an oncoming car pulls over to let you pass on a single track road keep a stone cold face and acknowledge the thank you by lifting your right index finger 2-inches above the steering wheel, unless they look like an outsider.

5. Wear wellies everywhere, even in July.

6. Be quick to remind outsiders of their shortcomings, in particular Londoners and Americans, they are always keen to listen.

7. You only need one outer garment, a sweater, the one you were give by your nan on your 18th birthday for both winter and summer, and they don’t need washing.

Looks like you’ve got great wind all week, hope you have a 9m, hang around the beach more than 6-mos and before you know it you’ll be one of the regulars.

Lester rolleyes

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Dude your flagging! Not one mention of a pasty!
Chetnik, we are just jealous dude, keep on riding.

Oh and try looking through the surf forums. Lotsa folk looking at them from your area.




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Ya Benjamin is right, you live in kiting heaven! I’m just a tad jelous, if its blowing 12 and gusty here it’s 25 there with smooooth wind, awesome swell and no crowds, what’s not to like? Give it 6-mos and you’ll be one of the lads.