Quiver advice

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Looking for your input on this gear set up I’ve got. Does it make sense?

(190lb rider. Low -ntermediette IE backrolls but not unhooked0

Flite 15m (2012)
Razor 12m (2012)
Rise 10m (2011)

Some people have mentioned I should go

Flite 15m
Razor 10m
Raz0r 7m

What are your thoughts?



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It really is a question of what type of winds you are riding in and how much you are willing to spend. I’m your size and same type of rider, although I ride a surfboard about 30% of the time.

I go with a Razor 12m/8m combo, now next year I will probably switch to a 12m/9m combo. I tend to ride a bit more powered, so it’s quite a jump to go down to 8m. I’ve thought about going 12m/10m as well, but 10m might be a bit much on the occasional 25 knot days we get.

Far as light wind, if the 12m Razor won’t pull me, I find something else to do, but that’s a personal preference.


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Razor 12m is the no brainer
12m to 9m is a great combination
Then you have Flight or skim board or king choice.
personaly I would look at the king over the flight but if you want to still do back roll and the feeling of a small twintip the flight is the answer
Whatever way you go get the 12m Razor it rocks

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Thanks Sunrise and Ajones

I’ll keep the 12 and go to the 9.

15 flite
12 razor
9 razor

I agree a bigger board, IE king would be a good way to go. Already got the flite though.


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If you’ve already got the 15m, then keep it.  I’ve had the opportunity to compare my old 14m Rise with the new 12m Razor and although they were close, the 14m had the extra grunt I needed to make the session a good one without a walk of shame.  The Flite will be better still, so keep it.

Coming down from that, the 12m is a great kite, and sits nicely in your quiver range.  As you already have that too, I’d keep it as well.

Whilst I love getting out on my 10m Razor, it is a little close to the 12m.  A 9m would make more sense, but personally, I’ve got the 8m as well, so it fills my gap nicely, but if you’ve the opportunity, I’d sell the 10m and get a 9m Razor.

Then if you’ve the money, you could get a 7m for those nuking days - but that depends on how many you get a year.  You should be able to hold down the 9m a fair bit.


14m Rise ‘07, 12m Flite ‘15, 10m Razor ‘10, 8m Razor ‘11, 6m Razor ‘11
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17 Flite
10 Razor
7 Razor

That makers sense to me with your weight and a TT..
What board(s) do you use?

With 70 kg i use a 10 Razor as my biggest kite with a skim.. I still Got to try my low ..