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Well Crew, this is for you.

With the 07 product now on its way out the door I have started a thread here for the Diablo kites and here for the One kites in which you can post your thoughts and excitement for the new gear!

I have already received some, so I posted them here to start!


[quote author=“b0jangl3”]I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS KITE…... if you like the 5tH line relaunch and a kite that powers and responds well this is the kite for you…. grin


...meanwhile Martin in La Vantana writes:

[quote author=“martinv”]Hi John,

Just managed to get to the internet/pharmacy.

What a surprise as I unpacked the new Diablos. I had no idea they were 07´s until I saw the new graphics and colors. Of course Robby came over and inspected them! Thank you for getting them for me, I really appreciate it.

We soon had a group on the beach (the colors alone attracted everyones attention) as we rigged the 10m with the new lines. I checked them first and the lengths were right so connected up and Robby launched me.

The first impression was silky smoothness and fast turning. I felt as though I had just gone from a family sedan to a Porsche! It was a bit light for the 10m at first but it was effortless to sine the kite to develop the required power. As I became used to the turning speed I started to turn the kite lower and lower in the turns. It dosn´t climb as it turns, it turns on its wingtip, 180 degrees and flies through the power zone with smooth power. Great for high speed “S” turns.

Next came the downloops. Almost too easy now as the Diablo turns so tight if you want it to. Again the smoothness was the overiding sensation. The jumps were the biggest change as it required very little bar input. Just drop the back shoulder a bit which drops the right hand, edge and pop! Great height, float, and very little bar redirect made for soft landings.

I loved my OR Broncos but now I am in a new “world” Ross is a genius! These kites perform brilliantly. Generally, anything with such high performance has a downside of being difficult to control,even “skittish” but not the Diablos. Smoothness is the operative word!

Tha new bar setup is a great improvement. Everyhting is closer to the body which makes for less reaching during adjustments. I did put the kite down once and the fifth line really does work! Back up in seconds!

Thank you again John for arranging this. A most pleasant surprise.

Best regards,


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07 Ones and Diablos are coming soon to our dutch coastlines. It is freezing here but the winds are nuking. We ‘ll do a hardcore stormchaser photoshoot with these kites as soon as we have the chance to fly these babies. I will upload this up here as well! :twisted:



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So Martin…Do you like the Diablos ?!


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