2012 bar recommendation?

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Looking to switch to Ocean Rodeo gear (I’ve got three brands going right now and need to slim down.)  I’m replacing an old kite with a new 9m Razor and am super psyched, now I just need to figure out which bar to get.  Thoughts?

I am still getting into the sport (no unhooked!) and like the below the bar trim on my Slingshot so I am thinking Fusion or Freeride (instead of the usual Freestyle.)  What recommendations do you guys have for a girl obsessed but still figuring things out?

This will be my second season on the water and the skiing was so good up here in AK that I didn’t get as much snow kiting in as I would have liked…


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Welcome to the Crew Zula! Stoked to see you’re getting a Razor.

Both the Fusion and Freeride have a lot in common with each other. The only real difference is that the Fusion has what we call a mini 5th line leash line while the Freeride leashes off the opposite end of your trim line. The biggest advantage this offers to someone using a Fusion is that if they wish to begin working on handle passes or riding unhooked in the waves they can set the leash line up in “suicide” mode to prevent the chance of the leash pulling on the trim of the kite.

Of course, the Freeride also offers riders the ability to choose to ride without a stopper ball which allows riders to simply let go of the bar to fully depower their kite. Equally, some people prefer the Fusion as they don’t want so much potential depower without an eject.

Good luck!!


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As JZ says Fusion or Freeride. The only bit I would add is if you intend to kite ski and use a ground anchor for launching the freeride depower is better as you can set the stopper to make the kite stable through a lot larger range.