Back Line re-Ride with Fusion Bar, Rise/Razor Kite

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OK, a couple questions here.  Migrating to OR kites/bars.  After actually reading the manual for both the Fusion bar and Razor/Rise Kite I have a question I am sure is super simple.  I assume the majority of kites OR sells are SLE (Razor/rise).

The SLE Fusion Bar is rigged with a Back Line re-ride loop.  Why does the SLE Kite Manual say NOT TO use the Back Line re-Ride feature with SLE (majority of OR) Kites?  Page 18 of the Kite manual.  Mentions use of Front Line re-Ride.

OK, what am I missing?




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Talked to Ross H. (designer) & apparently back line re-ride is always capable of leading into a ‘spiral’. Emergency use only


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Indeed, we add oh sh!t handles to all our bars to give you one last way to stay in contact with the kite if you are ejected and considering also ejecting your leash. Basically it’s a last option handle to hold onto before fully saying bye bye to the kite if you’re considering a full eject.