How to undo a wrapped bridle on a Rise

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Hi, I’m riding 2010 Rises, and thought I might ask this question here since it may vary between kites.  Sometimes I end up drift launching from a sheltered bay, and the wind can be swirling around as I get out to the cleaner wind.  The other day the kite got backwinded by a gust and rolled in on itself, with the front bridle wrapped around the back of the kite.  The side that was wrapped is then trying to fly in reverse off the water.

Is there a good “formula” for undoing the problem, just from the bar?  Maybe pulling in enough on a particular line would let it slip off?  Or maybe if I converted to the rollover bridle would something work better for fixing that? 

If anyone has any solutions for this, that are reliable and don’t require getting to the kite, let me know.