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last saturday I was out on the 2012 5m Razor in decent conditions; 25 kts average gusting to 37kts, 71kg.

First run;
Setting: most depower & slowest steering, bar at small setting.
Nervous gusting wind, very touchy kite, to much depower and you can see the canopy denting in (killing, frontstall like behaviour but the wind keeps it up there) so be sensitive on the bar and all is ok.
On the water with waveboard. Steering the kite with one hand in the middle, very nice! waveriding (we had shitty waves) is very nice with it, very sensitive on steering impulses, great!! Depower fine but a bit to sensitive. Jumping is fine but due to the sensitive depower you will drop like a rock if you “overdo”..

Second run;
Setting: less depower & slowest steering, bar at small setting.
Nervous depower behaviour gone, grin,  very stabel and predictable, big smile!!
Downside: the steering is still fast but needs more input, you got to work more with the kite. Kite is a bit “tamed” down, flying speed is a bit “slower”, Superb! Been out on waveboard and TT.

Third run;
Setting: less depower & slowest steeering, bar at wide setting.
Bingo! Kite is steering faster, feels like final setting. Nice jumping with it on the TT, not been out on the waveboard. Double kiteloops feels almost a must with this fast Razor.. (and these were just old man loops.. wink)


So in decent but gusty wind put the 5 on less depower setting and it is great, never needed to pull the depowerstrap in the windrange I had. wind up to 40kts will be fine for the kite.. don’t know if the rider will be fine..
Don’t think I’ll ever put it back in more depower setting even if the wind is steady.. but I never have steady winds when I have to use a small kite.