Surf suit Size Chart

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Can someone shed any light on whether the new Pyro Surf will have a separate size chart or will the current one be the one to use?
Also any news on when the website devoted to this new suit will be up and running?


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Well, I might as well be the “anyone” Tommeltot asks about.

The surf suit will ship in 4 sizes, S->XL. It will do so by only really needing to take into account the rider’s height, as the suit is quite stretchy.

We are in the midst of working on a website specifically designed to answer questions about the suit and to do it justice as it is such a unique and novel idea we do not want to just bury it in our current site. Expect to see that site live by about Christmas, or roughly when we make available the first, very limited, run of these suits to the public!

Full availability of the entire size range will be early Spring, 2007.

John Z - OR