Hello from northern B.C - introduction and back country kiteboarding pics.

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Hey everyone!
I’m up here in Smithers B.C, and last January I went and travelled New Zealand where I discovered the sport of Kiteboarding. I ran into your guyses former rider, Su Kay, up north and she introduced us to the local kiters up there. We spent every day we could on the water or the Cable park on the no wind days. Su told me about OR and I liked the sounds of it, mainly because its based out of B.C. I spent a year away and returned with my gear, and discovered a new store that opened up when i was gone callled Dawn 2 Dusk… Turns out they are looking to get into the kite scene! perfect! So I bought a Rise 9 and headed down to squamish where I had a mishap with my kite, it burst after landing it. I had no explanation and doubted I would get warranty, but you guys pulled through and got me on this new Razor 9. Here’s some pictures of some riding from the weekend, just lovin it!

Is there a way to upload more pics in 1 thread or do i need to resize them all like crazy?

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