Trim line upgrade

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I’m getting a lot of resistance on my trim line, and the rough texture of the line is rubbing holes in my fingers (seriously)

I noticed some kite racers had upgraded their bars to lines with weather coatings, silky smooth. That allowed them to put the stopper ball in close, and depower only with the trim line, thereby saving energy when racing.

Anyone else try this?


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Hi skywalker,
to me it seems the good news is you get to ride a lot!
We are aware of the finger skin chafing, and looking for solutions for future bar versions. Regarding the line wear, applying board wax to the lines helps a lot to keep the line smooth and compact. Also, make sure you replace your lines centerline timely in order to avoid trouble.
If you have a bar with an aluminum center hole, check if there are sharp edges, you can smoothen them out with a round file and some fine sand paper (320 and up).
The racers are indeed trimming continuously in order the maintain their body position, never done it but it looks pretty hectic to me!

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when i order new line because of abrasion what size diameter dyneema should i ask for? would 6 strand 1.1 mm work?