Razor 2011 4m ok for light rider and high winds?

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Hi, I’m 65 Kg (140 lbs) and with my 5,5 Kahoona3 I’m too powered when wind is steadily over 30kts gusting 35 and more. (the windrange is good considering that with Mako 150 start going well at 20 kts and with surfboard even before, like a 6-7m kite). Looking for a smaller kite for winter high and gusty winds, to cope with my Mako, and being offered a 2011 Razor 4m, I’m interested but a bit reluctant because sometimes these small kiteas are deeply tested (too small for heavy riders and not so easy to have such high winds) I expect a windrange of 25-40kts, should be right? Does ayone lightweight have tested it in high winds, stability is ok? I’m used to light bar pressure, is it ok for Razor? I would like a kite a bit grunty to keep quite stable in the window and to cope gust and lulls with bar stroke (tha Kahoona is quite goos in this), is this the case of Razor?

thanks for any reply!

Ps: if you have other 4m kite to offer in Europe (I’m from Italy) send me pm


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The problem with small kites is they are just so fast. The power is like a switch . On or Off. The 2011 4m is as good as they get but don’t go earlier I think a better bet would be a 130 mako and your 5.5
The 130 feels like the 150 but is more alive Super smooth and carvy but need way more power to drive it.


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The 4m is pretty stable and easy to ride - that being said, use as short a bar as possible and put the kite on the slow turning settings. I’ve ridden it in 30knots+ and I’m 150lbs.




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