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My perfect quiver seems to be a rule of 3 in a 4 kite quiver!!

6, 9.5, 12 and a 15 is what I’m after but only own 2 of the 4… a 9.5 OR Prodigy, and 12 Naish Cult…. but the 6m kites seem obsolete in the OR line up!! the Rise is the only kite offered in a 6m and its old news that its been removed from the OR line up!!

I’d like to hear a review, similar to the OR Prodigy thread on BIGWAVEDAVE, of the smaller Cypher and possibly the newest addition the Force!!! even the Razor aint offered in a 6 although a 7m could be a valueable addition to the quiver for a young hottie to use or the girlfriend!!!!

a 6m or 7m kite is the only size I think I’d fly when its cranking…


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> even the Razor aint offered in a 6
Blimey, I must have bought nearly the last one ever sold back in January.  I hadn’t realised that they weren’t in the line-up this year.  Gonna cling on to that one.
However, as far as I can see, there are no 6m kites in the line-up.  So you’ll be looking at a 5 or 7m.  I’d probably go 12/9/7.


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