Tips for first time to Maui?

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Hey guys!

Leaving for Maui on Saturday. Got 9 days! It’s my first time there. I’m intermediate at kiting/stay upwind/doing smaller jumps etc.
Looking for any advice for first time there? Should I just go chill at the beach for an hour at first and watch the locals? Heard something bout an interesting wind shadow depending on where you are at might drop your kite if you aren’t in right spot. Anything cool you think I should know don’t hold out now! Heh

My GF is going and booked 5 days of lessons to try kiting. We’ve been practicing the trainer kite in a park and watching one of the beginner DVD’s to get her started. I think she’ll learn better with an instructor and feel better about her beating up their gear!

I’ll be bringing a 7m razor, 10m rise, 12m razor and the freestyle and freeride bar.
I got a JT Pro 132. I’d love to bring the Mako King, but am reluctant to pay special airline board fee on that sucker!

Thanks! -Ryan

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I went about this exact same time 3 years ago. I was a little under a year into kiting at that time, and only had a 2007 10m LF Havoc which after the 1st session there got to the point where the depower would not stick in the cleat (no comment on that kite).

I would definitely watch how the locals setup and launch/land. Of course, you really should do that anywhere you go. I launched further upwind the first day, and the launch was quite gusty, I think it depends on what you are used to. At that time, I only had ridden in Charleston, SC, where we have pretty steady winds/wide open beaches, and little to no wind shadows most days. The 2nd day I launched downwind closer to where they have lessons, and it seemed much easier to launch.

I will say, the wind there is strong, so your quiver looks solid, you probably won’t even need the 12m Razor, but if you have room, why not. There are waves further out, so the Mako King would be nice, but….....I’d stick with just the one board. Have fun

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I agree that you dont need a 12m kite there.  Most likely you will be on your smallest kite the whole time.  With the gusts, just watch how the locals do, get your kite up, hold it above the water (never hold the kite above your head in gusty conditions), then run out to the water and ride away from shore.  The farther out you get the better the wind is, and the waves are farther out too.  You are going to have a blast.  I just spent 2 weeks there in august and rode a 8m (overpowered sometimes) every day.  Girlfriend got good at kiting there too. And there is plenty of other awesome things to do.  Quick note that some people dont know, if there is weak wind on the northshore, you should check out kihei.  It frequently blows like crazy on the south side there when its light up at kite beach.  Finally, seeing as you are not advanced, do not kite at lanes.  Its a very tough place to get in because you have to walk across some reef.  Might be a good place to go and watch when the big swells come in, but I would stick to kite beach if I were you.

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This page has a good overview of kite beach:
Canoe beach has more room to launch than Action (kite) beach and has less of a wind shadow unless the wind is very east.  Take the 12 as long as you have room, starting to get into the season with less consistent winds and you’d be bummed if you needed it one day and didn’t have it.  Also, be aware that in maui, rider leaving the beach has right of way.  If you are proficient with staying upwind and comfortable in waves, definitely go up to Ho’okipa/Lanes early in your trip (so you can go back if you love it).  It is a few miles east of Paia, maybe 15 minutes from kite beach (on the right side of the map on the above page).  Ho’okipa is a park, but its surfers only.  1/4 mile west of the park (you have to park on the road) is the area called Lanes, where you can kite.  Kiters launch at far west side.  You need booties here as you have to enter the water over a rocky-reef type of shelf.  The waves here are much bigger and better formed than at kite beach.  my experience is double+ the wave size at kite beach.  If its a big surf day, stick with kite beach, because if waves there are 6’, lanes will be 12’+ faces.  search kitesurfing lanes maui for some video  If you’re not confident in wave conditions, still go down there one day just to watch.