Not sure what kite and bar to get

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We’re looking for a kite to add to our 2010 11m Rise with sle 3.0 48-55 bar. I’m a beginner and so is my wife. We can ride a tiny bit and need to work on riding upwind and turning. We’re about 195 lbs and she’s about 160.

We’re looking to get an extra kite now and later probably a third (smaller) one. For now we’re thinking of a 2012 Rise 9m, Razor 8 or 9m. What would be our best choice and what kind of bar is best for each kite? We’re not looking to get into freestyle, we hope to be just riding and maybe catching some air, nothing too crazy. Thanks!


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Read the question sunrise….
I think that a 9m Razor would be too close to your 11m Rise. An 8m Razor would work and so would the 9m Rise. At your level I would stick with what you know best and try for a 9m Rise with a Freeride bar. If you could then pick up a 7m Rise as your high end kite you’d both be able to kite at the same time. That way you’d be laughing!
Don’t forget to add a Mako or two on the shopping list. That board is very good!
Hope my thoughts are helpful?



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OR Prodigy kites are the best begineer / all round kite to buy… the Rise has been discontinued. You can never go wrong with a Razor but if you and your girl aren’t looking for super high end style riding the Prodigy is the way to go… a 7m and 9.5m with a Freeride bar should suit you well… the Mako’s are great for any quiver!

I’ve found the Prodigy to be super easy to fly and powers upwind like mad! it turns slower than a razor and that might just keep your girl happier… happy wife happy life!

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Hello Jeffery
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