Storm 5m or 5m Prodigy

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Anticipating some kick ass storms comin this way ...and wondering what would be the best

The 5 m storm or the 5m prodigy ....

Whats the difference pls

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The difference is 2 struts grin!  Seriously though, the Prodigy is a 3-strut design while the Storm is a 5-strut design.  The Storm also has FST and Venturi.  Hope this helps,



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That’s a pretty good summary of the differences but I’ll add that the Storm 5m has been over built for durability and reliability in sketchy weather whereas the Prodigy 5m will handle high winds quite well but was designed to be a smaller kite for lighter riders and not a stormy weather kite for heavy / normal sized riders.

- 5 struts give it extra stability in the gusts
- FST adds wind range, this is important as stormy weather tends to be quite variable and not always just strong winds. 
- Vents add low end power by allowing for higher angle of attack and also help prevent stalls if you suddenly over sheet the kite in a lull.


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Just the answer I was after thanks

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Looking forward to trying out the Force.  Too bad it won’t be here in time for hurricane Sandy.  But, there’s always the next hurricane…..

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when will the Storm 5m be released?

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