15m Flite and quiver questions

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Currently flying 2012 7/10m razors and older 13/16m Best kites. In Utah we tend to have more big kite days than not. Winds are usually a little/lot gustier than ocean breezes that I’m so jealous of every time I visit.  I’m 155lbs and an advanced rider that likes to ride powered. My question goes out to those riding the 10m razor and 15m Flite. How do these kites cover winds from 12 - 30 knots? How well does the flite handle the gusts? Lots of riders here on the Zephyr because of the gust busting capabilities. Could I get away with that quiver or would I be a lot happier adding a 12m razor? I’d prefer not to b/c of the obvious money savings.  The snow will be flying soon so I need to make a decision and get that kite/kites on the way.


7/10/12m Razor, 15m Flite


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I think a 12m Razor and a big board is the way to go as you obviously have avoided beer and pies. 12 Knots is getting towards the bottom end of a usable wind.. Yes you can mow the grass on a big kit in less but that is about it . I have a 15 flight which is used rarely ( Also a 19 speed2 flysurfer used even less ) My go to kite for the light is the 12m Razor and surfboard and that is at 180lbs.
Make sure you order plenty of snow this year. Last year Utah let me down.

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Personally, I’d go for the 10m Razor/ 15m Flite to cover a broader wind range. This is what I do when travelling.  There is an appreciable difference between the 12m and 15m.  And as an advanced rider, you should be able to handle the large spread between the 10 and 15m.  A couple extra knots on the low end can make a big difference on those light days!  But what’s you’re style? Surf? Freestyle?

What’s the difference between the 12m Razor and 15m Flite? I won’t get into the obvious differences.  I’d say the high end of the 12m is better than the high end of the 15m, relatively speaking.  The 12m is better in gusty conditions.  In general, I find all large kites handle extremely gusty conditions poorly compared to their smaller counter parts.  I guess it’s just mathematics, a 10 knot gust on a 5m kite vs 15m ......

I guess I’m one of those lucky guys who has one of everything (including a SP2 19m/15m- which I also never use) and rarely has to make a really tough decision.  But, I have learned over the years that in gusty conditions a smaller (12m) kite and bigger board works a lot better than the opposite.  So, it depends on how gusty the conditions are on average.  Big kites will just drag you downwind in the gusts. 

Having said all this the 15m Flite is my light wind kite of choice (over the SP 2 15m/19m, CAb. Crossbow 16m, Waiman 14m, etc.) for it’s direct handling/ quick turning/ and extreme light wind ability.  Hey, if you can ride powered up on a surfboard and there’s no white caps that ain’t half bad!


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I ride 2012 Razor 5,7 & 10 and 2012 Flite 15
The Flite goes well with Twintip, Skim and Waveboard. It is a fast steering nicely depowerable powerhouse.. grin
Compared to the Razor it is a bit sluggish in the bar feel (different bridle with 2 more swivels) but you get used to it fast.
Low wind is 10-11 kts for me with fun factor at 12 kts.