Prodigy compared to Rise

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Hi guys

Just wanted to hear from those who know….what is the main differece between the Rise and the new Prodigy?
I have owned and flown Rises since 2007, so what am I missing if I don’t switch over to the Prodigy?



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Not a lot. apart from 3 struts and no vent
Flying .Very similar. Both very progressive on power and not to fast through the window.
The Rise size for size probably has better top end and flies further round the window.
The Prodigy is easier to fly and you will push it harder just because you can.
Jumping Not much difference Both give super float and soft landings.
Waves the Prodigy has it without question. 
My favourite kites
In the Rise 10m 2009 was a good year then 2012 was the best.
The Prodigy is now my go to kite though for bottom end the 12m Razor is king