Will the Surf Dry Aleutian Skin work with my Pyro Surf dry core?

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Anyone know if the Surf Dry Aleutian Skin will work with my Pyro Surf dry core? The Pyro Surf lycra skin is showing signs of wear. If the Surf Dry skin works, I’d prefer to use that as the replacement as it seems a lot beefier than lycra.


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yes,..it will work, but it wont be as streamlined as the Surf Dry 2.0 due the dry zip running across the chest on the original Surf Dry.
You wont need the Velcro on the wrist, ankles or around the dry zip,...you could carefully trim this off to reduce bulk and stop the hook catching the outer skin.
As another option, If you want a replacement Lycra for the Surf Dry 1, we may have a few left over,...let us know your suit size and we’ll get back to you on availability