SOUL DRYSUIT for women?

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Hi - I’m considering buying a SOUL drysuit but would like to here from other women how the fit is.


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we’ve had a few recent posts and reviews on the Ocean Rodeo Facebook page by ladies regarding the Soul for SUP.
Paddle Diva seem pleased with the performance,..

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wonderful forum

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  Design, materials all look terrific for the HEAT, SouL, etc drysuits~~but I think it would be great if Ocean Rodeo had drysuits cut specifically for a woman’s figure…..we do have to deal with hips…lol   I have had a Pyro which i luvved for over 6 years, but as I am getting older, I have to deal with getting curvy..:)  I was crushed when i was no longer able to use my Pyro….hey there ya go…name it the Ocean Rodeo Crush drysuit for Women! I"ll even volunteer to try the first prototypes if you decide to give it a go~~~

P.s_ i ended up by a Kokatat Womens suit…(would have much rather had an O.R>)


See any white caps?


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Hey there,

Yes it’s something that comes up from time to time. For the most part, ladies are able to use our current suits quite well. Inevitably though, it doesn’t work for everyone, and if you do have those accentuated curves it makes it tough for sure.

We have a few reasons for not making a women’s specific suit, which follow in no particular order:

- The style we have is able to accommodate the large majority of men and women who would actually purchase and use a drysuit
- Making a women’s specific suit ads more products, and thus more complication - we have to manufacture a LOT of suits at a time and there are big minimum quantities - we can’t risk running out of size Large suits we sell lots of in order to take a chance on a new product with comparatively lower demand
- The dropseat style is not something we like - everyone who owns one that we talk to tell us they are not an ideal design and we agree. The waterproof zippers we use are extremely high quality, and adding a 30” zip would add a lot of cost. It also puts a zipper in a high motion and wear area, offering more opportunities for leakage and premature wear over the life of the suit. We want to come up with a better solution if we come out with said women’s suit.

So… there’s our thought process :)