I regret to inform you
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I regret to inform the crew of the death of Skinny ( for that was his name) on the 27 December 2012.
Skinny’s death was unexpected and though more mature than most ,to all appearances Skinny was in good heath.
I was with Skinny enjoying a pleasant surf when a large wave came breaking Skinny’s back . I can assure the Crew it was quick and painless.

Skinny was an unusual character born in a time of great evolution and positive original thinking. Though difficult to get to know the effort reaped tremendous rewards,  with not only his quick response and ability to change tack land marks which still hold up today but the lift he gave you in his presence is what dream are made of.
Though Skinny was super clean and smooth he did have a wicked sense of humour . Many a time I have seen him scare witless the unwary with his high speed antics and slippery nature though once your friend he was a friend for life.
Skinny and myself travelled a lot and he was always there when I needed him
I am sure you will agree those who know Skinny will miss him dearly
In accordance with Skinny’s wishes all usable organs have been donate and will benefit others.
On a happier note Skinny’s brother Spare Skinny is taking on Skinny’s role and will be back on the water tomorrow.
If anyone has any more of Skinny’s relations (150 x 35 mako) who need rehousing I would be glad to accommodate.

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Great post. I being a gullible Canadian wrongly assumed you had lost a human buddy. Seasons greetings & good luck finding a replacement. p.s. I just passed on a similar board to a friend.


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should have bought mine when you visited two summers ago. I have grown too attached to it now…


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You gave it your all, Skinny.  Hopefully the parts not donated to others did not become flotsam in the sea of life, but were treated with appropriate respect in their disposal.  Be strong.  Live long.  And go out flying.  At least you weren’t run over by a car.