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For fear of losing our spot in our city this year I decided to write a few articles to the mayor, city council and begin being more active in spreading the word out about my passion for, and the greatness of the sport that is kiteboarding.

Though my talents are mainly in marketing, writing music and or poetry, I was also invited to write an article for a local news letter and have done my best to put in little jabs at how the sport adds great aspects to city life. Uplifting the spirits of patients as they look on, bringing people from all over the world to ride, sail, kite, and experience our Olympic winds.

I am looking for anyone who has any pictures I could add to my article that they own, I will not take credit for the image but there is no payment. I have volunteered to do this and am not getting paid for it. I will certainly ask the publisher to include your name as the photographer, but truly have no control over this.

I have some pics of my own, but I am still a beginner and kiteboarding has been a 2 year battle for me so far. I have a few of me on the beach with my Diablo and in the water, but nothing too extraordinary.

I would only request that they be pics with a rider or riders on Ocean Rodeo

Here is a little piece of something I wrote while reflecting on what Kiteboarding means to me. It most likely will not be included in the final article, but thought I’d share it none the less.

“Taking off my shoes, my skin touching the sand. The wind whispered, calling me here today. I am here to witness, to experience, to overcome, and to become one with something greater than myself. It is this thing we can never really know, but yet we do. It is these questions which have driven us to all our achievements, for all existence. Taking a moment for reflection closing my eyes, giving thanks for the gifts and the beauty that surround me, in this place having all that I need. I am welcomed to my church.”

Happy New year OR crew and Happy riding in 2013

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can you provide an email addy? I’ve got a bunch from the OR head quarters in Victoria BC.
I’m curious which city this is? you mentioned the “Olympic winds” so I assume in Washington State?

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heres the email address you can send pics to. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The city is Kingston, Ontario Canada. The sailing events for the 1976 Olympics held in Montreal were actually held in Kingston.
There is currently only one spot “in town” to hit and they are threatening to take it away by adding a pathway that goes right through the only launch area, as if we didn’t have enough places to go for a walk and let your dog go to the washroom already.

Retirement community with tunnel vision.

Its a challenging launch that I haven’t hit yet, but it’s the only one we have.

Appreciate you sending some over, I will inform you when the article is posted if you’d like. The local kite community has also been going to council meetings. We can hopefully win this one