Lake Arenal Feb 2013: Rise 7m, JT 132 ???

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Hello Everybody!
Asking for some equipement information:
I am heading to lake arenal in February
I have 155lbs of weight. Its said to have around 30+knots at this time of the year, thought of a 7m rise (a razor 7m seems to be kind of a “big” 7m that has lots of low-end but probably less range then the rise 7m ?) so if it has really 30+ sometimes the razor7 would be to big for me compared to the rise ? What do you guess.

Usually here in Austria (Lake, no sea) I ride a Mako 150 from 2007 or 2008, but thats too big in arenal. and I would prefer a JT 132 for this strong winds.
Also I have the impression that my mako, when wind really becomes strong gives me troubles riding upwind compared to common 138/40 twintip-boards. So my decision would be better taking a JT 132 than a mako 130 or 135. ??

I am an average kiter, mainly freeriding and learning basic jumps, quite experienced over the years; stable but far away from being a really really good kiter.
I would be delighted for some advises from the OR community…..


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Hi there Kim,
Welcome to the crew! Good questions you’ve got.
To begin with the kite, the razor 7m will do it, it’s got great range and is wonderfully powerful “on demand”. In your case you may consider the Prodigy too, it’s said to be really easy to fly, but certainly not just for beginners.
Board wise, the Mako 150 may be too big, but I’m sure some crew members will tell you the smaller Makos will kill it in heavier stuff. Upwind the Makos will win from most twin tips.

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I’m less weight than you and have the 7m Rise from 2010 (with 2011 bridle upgrade) as my small kite. It has great range. Can’t comment on the range of the Razor 7m - understand it has a good low end but is it as easy to use as the Rise at the higher end?
As for board I have a 130 Mako (Mini Mako) It’s my favourite board. Goes great in the chop and can handle strong winds. I can jump pretty high with it and it’s fine for basic rotations. It should serve you well at your level. Try one!



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I was in Arenal in the 90’s windsurfing.  Winds can be up and down somewhat so don’t except a full 30 knots all day long - at least in my experience.

I used to have a 6m 2010 Rise but have have been on Razors since they came out.  The rises certainly have a tremendous amount of depower but will dart forward in the window a bit more than the Razor in gusty conditions.  Nothing wrong with that, just the nature of the kites as the razor sits further back in the wind window which i find more comfortable in high winds.  Razor is faster but all 7’s are fast so you will need to mindful of kite control. 

Additionally the 2012/13’s Razors have significantly more depower than the original 2011’s imo. 

I’m 200 lbs and currently ride a 7,8,10 Razors.  My 7 is great for 30 knots plus and I’ve had it up to 40.  Very stable and predictable.  I use it is in the same conditions i used to use the 6m Rise.  It does have more low end pull for the lulls which is nice. 

Arenal can be choppy - so bear that in mind.  Mako is great in these conditions.

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7m Prodigy is a great kite. stable and predictable with solid construction. Unless you’re flying the kite agressively go with the Razor but for mowing the lawn and the odd air the Prodigy is the way to go!

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Hi KimOliver,

I spent two weeks in Costa Rica last January \ February, and had so much fun.  I was not able to make it to Lake Arenal but was in Bahia Salinas.  I am told that the wind is similar at Arenal to Bahia Salinas though.  I weight 210lbs and was riding anything from a 5m with some depower to a 12m.  If I needed to take only one kite it would have been my 9m.  I spent most of the time on my 7m and 9m kites.

For your weight, if you are taking only one kite, the 7m Prodigy or Razor, would be my recommendation.  If you were taking 3 kites: 5, 7, 10.

For a board I would suggest the Mako 135cm or the JT Pro 132cm.

As others have said the wind will be up and down throughout the day or the time that you are there.  There is so much to do and see around there that if it is too strong you can tour around a little, the same goes for too little wind.

Hope this helps!  Have fun.