2013 Mako 140 review…

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“Hey buzz got out today, first time on a Mako 140, balls to the walls in 22 to 27 knots north wester storm the reminents of the cyclone that passed. Some waves, but real choppy jalopy stuff, on a 9m Edge.

Anyhow the board was a dream. So smooth through the chop, even riding out to sea on non preferred side over the messed up swell/waves. Perfect size.

What got me was how well it rides just as a TT for loading up and for surfing the wave. I really can’t see myself even bothering with the mutant fins, but early days yet.

Remember I’m on an Edge, not the ideal wave kite, especially when some of the gusts were hitting 30. But I think I have nailed what makes this board better than the traditional TT in the waves. Its ability to ride flat. The waves had little shape and you had to turn real fast when you saw the peak breaking, then when ridden flat down the face it doesn’t yaw or slip. It just tracks.

Then…turning down the line, the sticky grip of the rail begins to bite. Just hold the bar all the way out, leave the Edge siting there and just slash and burn down line. Its hard to get a bearing on the rail to rail ability as the edge really isn’t for sweeping around the window. You gotta set it and forget it, more park and ride. Worked really well considering my first time on the board and the straps were a little loose as I hadn’t got them perfectly set yet.

Anyhow moving fast in the relative flat in front of the outer reef ( the bay is enclosed By an outer reef), can hold at really good speed and load up on the rail. Now that’s saying something with the Edge.
Only the Shinn Monk has ever been able to hold that kind of edge before.
Flat out, almost slightly downwind, then slightly turn back kite to 12 from 11 and bang up I went.
Nice and light on the feet, man I reckon I hit the 20 to 25 foot level today, and I was holding back!!

Mate just a superb board and perfect for my style.
Just fun free riding in the surf. “