2013 Mako King review…

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Dec 2012 - Some feedback from another mate who has been kiting for 15 years & got a 2013 King from me recently:

“Hey had the most unreal session today,  started out mmm 14 to 16, rode it all the way up to 18 to 20 k ots no probs. man this thing can bite! Then got on the shinn. But it crossed my mind to try a smaller size kite instead, what a piece of engineering marvel. My mate whose kited for 10 years had a crack, he’s a TT rider looking for a cross over board especially for winter here, also shares a disregard for SurfBoard’s and just loved it. He will get one thru you although he is going to wait a bit down the track to save some cash.

Also thought about selling ya old one, my other big friend is interested. He was about to buy a cardboard glide and I called him and said STOP!! You gotta get one of these. See if you can buy Buzz’s 2011 King”

We all said the same thing. So smooth, just glides over the chop. But when you want to load, man I was going big on the 11m edge in 18 knots and holding in without trouble. I jumped over my bros actual kite today on it. He kept holding his line and getting in my flight path so eventually I said fuck it and sent it big. Was priceless seeing the look on his face!! Ha ha ha. Stared with WTF on his face, then it went to a fuck yeah face as I cleared his kite and some. ( lucky he kept it low. Ha ha).

Still looking at all the fin, strap setups will do a review when there. Doing a 3 hour downwinder on the estuary tomoz, at 17 to 18 knots will take the king and boost my ass off.

Awesome board man, and it feels so small underfoot. I was doing all my roll transition loops, rail grabs, even took the board off a bit by holding the back rail. Not a problem. It rides like a smaller board, doesn’t feel like a plank, also fuck me, this thing tracks upwind better than any other board I’ve been on except a race board( which also sucked dick). The edge and this board adds another element to smooth. ”

…and some more comments from the same mate who got the 2013 King:

“Yeh was thinking in the 20 knot winds when I’d still normally be on the 11m going big ( which I do at only 74kg), if the swell was up could get out on the king on a 9m edge, now that would be good.

The Shinn Monk is a bloody good board, enough biaxial flex for comfort, but still enough rigidity to boost. Allows you to ride the board at high speeds and not break a rail, perfect for the edges. I have the 132 by 41. Best TT I have ridden. Also allows you to ride a long time.

That being said I’m intrigued by what a mako 140 would do. As you said the large rocker actually would make this board feel much smaller and the board is quite rigid and yet smooth due to the concave hull. Witt he mutant fins in, I could really edge that king well, and was getting quite vertical boosts. I have a friend who has a 140 I might try and get a crack on his. I see you are selling your old one.

Yeh the tucked rails are something else.
I overlaid my shinn on the mako top and the shinn looked wider from the top! Wasn’t until I turned it over you could see the 4cm difference. It really does bite man when you want it.
I couldn’t have held it in 18 to 20 without this.

Fin sizes. Let me think. Probably want one more 56. Two 51s, and two 80mm surf fins I think. That should do it.

Yeah will look into the 140. If it can be loaded well enough might even consider swapping it for the shinn, Although it would have to be good to beat the shinn man. ”

then the next session he had a day later :

“Put two 56mm in the back only plus 100mm. Had the sickest session. Stuck some pads on even better. shinn pads smooth, yet didn’t lose any feel. Was throwing down all my loop roll transitions and mega looping.
Rides so much like a small board.
was great in the waves to.
Took off foot straps & pads - went strapless- man sticks to ya feet no probs. man I reckon I want to get a 140 as well now, just gotta get financial.”