How To: dry suit seal replacement


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I’m in the process of replacing my wrist and neck seals. I have found a couple of links that have been pretty useful.
There are 2 types of neck seals that you can get. One has the glue already attached and the other has the glue come separately. If you get the second one, follow this video on how to attach the glue to the seal before trying to attach the seal to the suit.
1.  Applying neck seal adhesive

Once you have the dry adhesive glue on the seal, then follow this web page. It has some great pictures.
2. Applying the neck seal

Things of note:
- Get a heat gun because it works much better then a hair dryer
- The neck seal with the glue is going to be smaller then the neck opening on your suit. So it will have to stretch the seal/glue as you heat it up.
- The dry adhesive glue is great because once it cools down, you can always heat it back up if you don’t like what you did.
- Replacing wrist seals is easy. Replacing neck seal is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.