Replacing Trimline on Freeride bar Rise 2010
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I’m about to replace the trimline on my freeride bar for my Rise 2010 and have some questions.
1) Thickness of the line
I don’t remember which post I read in this forum but if I don’t remember it wrong I read that the trimline should be 5mm and of type dyneema. I found that kind of line at my local boat shop but when I compare my new line with the original line from OR it seems to differ in thickness. My new line is thinner. See pics.
My new line seems also to be less “filled” (don’t know how to explain..)

2) Fastening of the ring
What is the preferred way to attach the ring for the leach? The original line is stitched and my question is if that’s the only way that give a good result?

3) I have also replaced the lines at the bar ends and have a question regarding the eight knot.
In original setup the line is stitched so it’s little thicker at the ends and the knot is done so the end is insterted in the loop with no extra line on the other side other that to tie the knot.
For me it’s not a good solution to do that on my new line (that don’t have the extra stiffness at the ends) and I wondering if a solution is to make it double (make a loop on the end and then tie the knot). The other solution is to just tie the know and let 1 or 2 cm hang out and maybe put some tape to prevent the end from splitting up.

What’s your opinion and what do you at OR suggest?

kind regards

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1 I use 5mm when I don’t have the genuine line. I have used 6mm but hat is very tight in the cleat making adjustment difficult .
2 I don’t bother just use a bowline to make a loop or if your leash has small jaws a figure of 8 knot will suffice.
3 Little uncertain what you mean here. Tom make the figure of 8 bigger put more twists in it .

1 A tip for you
You will find the depower rope always wears in a small area .
I f you are making your own, make it over length with the surplus loose knotted at the leash end.
When you see wear simply pull the surplus through and cut off the extra at the cleat. Twice the life for a little extra rope.

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Great! Thanks for your fast reply smile