Info on Ocean Shores, WA

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Hey all,

Trying to get some info on kiting Ocean Shores, WA, esp. during the winter.  Anybody kite here before?  Thoughts/info.

Thanks in Advance.



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Hey Dude,
check out this link. click on beaches, then click Damon point.
Damon Point is very close to Ocean Shores, and since its on the inside of the harbor you won’t get pummled by the huge waves and logs on the ocean side. Stay on your board too, I have personally seen a dead sea lion with a huge circular hole in its side on the beach…. whitey cruises here, probably to lay eggs since its a river mouth. No one has ever been attacked, but its spooky and gets the adrenilin pumping knowing a meat eater is somewhere below the surface.
This spot rocks in the winter! :wink: