Rear Line ReRide

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In the event of a centreline failure I’ve heard of a rear line re-ride function???


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I think you may be refering to safety rather than re-ride because if your centre line fails there is no chance of re-ride anyhow. Re-ride is a system that will re-set after initial use of the chicken loop quick release I.E. you pull your relase due to a problem but then want to use the safety line attached to your leash to pull your bar back and re-set your chicken loop release to essentially “re-ride”.
I think what you are refering to is the “O shit” hanles attached to some rear lines at the bar, this allows you to bring the kite down should the first stage of release fail or as you put it “the centre line”. There is a propbability that using the “O shit” method will result in a spinning kite as most kites dont like to be on one rear line but if it’s the last resort you will take it.


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Hi Zig Zag,
there’s a way of leashing off on the black webbing ReRide handle you can find on some bars. That handle pulls in one front line and thus flags the kite. Similar to an OSH but front stead of back line.
Since 2011 the location of this handle moved up to about 2,5m (not even sure if it’s still there) as the kite’s from then on have a roll over bridle, that effectively flags the kite on both front lines. That’s too far away to leash off on.

So if the center line fails, and there is nothing above the center line connected to a leash, your kite is gone. The freestyle and fusion bar have a leashed mini 5th line that will catch the kite for your. The freeride bar (my favorite) doesn’t.

To avoid centerline breaking, check the line regularly and replace in case of doubt. To reduce wear, you can try wax on that line.


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If a front line breaks hook your safety line to one of the steering lines to recover your gear & self rescue


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