Ocean Rodeo BRONCO 4M to 21M Lets Talk

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Hey I have been recently collecting a Ocean Rodeo Bronco C-Kite Quiver! I was wondering if anyone rode these kites back then or know and I would like to get a discussion on the BRONCO. They have become very cheap to pick up, I currently have in my quiver a 21M BRONCO ( BLUE/WHITE wow what a kite) and a 9M BRONCO ( RED/WHITE) Both handsome kites and still crispy. I think they are 2004 to 2006 I cant find a date on them. But I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what these kites are, are they hybrid c-kites or c-kites I have looked at the trailing edge and it is concave but the have Y bridles for the 5th line? Do I have to keep the fifth line slack or is there tension on it like hybrid kites I have read all the pdf’ s on these kites and there fifth line. They are vague. a good discussion on these kites would be very helpful to me.???? THANK YOU guys help please. LOVE or HATE lets talk about the BRONCO’s


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Broncos were ‘C’ kites ... The fifth line was meant for relaunch & MUST be slack. Here is the Bronco manual http://oceanrodeo.com/images/uploads/kiting/pdf/KiteManual.pdf  & the fifth line manual   http://oceanrodeo.com/images/uploads/kiting/pdf/5th_Line_Manual_2005.pdf  ... While these kites are fun to fly keep in mind each kite has a limited wind range


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