2013 bar swivels - jamming up

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I’ve been having an issue with the bar swivels jamming up.  They are really difficult to get unstuck.  What’s a good way to keep these things clear?  Is it possible to switch it out for a more robust/sand friendly swivel?


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Probably stating the obvious here but I’ll try to help.

Be sure to rinse out after every session. Sandy areas as brutal on these swivels - wash out while spinning to get that fine stuff out as best you can. It doesn’t take long for them to jam up!

Salt water can also make a bit of a mess too. Salt can crystallize in the swivel and stiffen it up, so rinsing with the fresh stuff once in awhile doesn’t hurt either.

Hope that helps a little!



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Everything Ned says, plus after a good fresh water rinse and drying up fully, you can try to work some thick bearing grease in to the swivel. Don’t use oil. Wipe off any grease from the exterior of the swivel.
Check if the the turning part coming out of the “cap” part is below (towards the bar). It should be like that to assist draining water and debris.