Can’t de-power

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I have (had-lost my kite yesterday due to this problem) a 2010 Ocean Rodea Rise.  When I release the chicken loop, the kite still wants to fly.  I’ve been told there is a kit that involves a second pully or a different part of the bridal lines that can be attached.  Does anyone know about this?


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There is/was an upgrade available, to the 2011 roll-over bridle. You’ll need to upgrade the bar too, longer leader lines and longer trim loop line. I’m sure Kevin at customer support can help you out.


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When the roll over bridle kit is added to your kite ( 5 minutes ) & you’ve got the new bar ( or added the long throw or fifth line etc.  to your old bar ) your kite will roll over on it’s back when you punch out. ( or let go of the bar with the long throw & your stopper near the pulley. ) It works great for self launching as well. ” With the O.R. ‘roll over bridle’ you can tip the kite downwind onto its back. ( Go ahead, secure your chicken loop directly up wind (tether or a vertical post) & walk downwind to your kite & place it in the launch position for a ‘hot launch’ . NO WEIGHT BAG REQ’D. Kite will roll onto it’s back ) Then: 1. Walk back to your chicken loop & hook onto it (after securing your safety line & freeing your chicken loop from tether etc.) ...  2. Walk down center lines or pull them until you can grasp the bar ... 3. Ensure you have adequate depower for launch (MORE depower is safer !!!) ... 4. Gently pull on TOP steering (outside) line to allow kite to move to the edge of the window for a controlled launch. “


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