C-kite Problem

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Im flying a 21m c-kite in 10 mph winds yesterday and when my kite is at 12 or really any where at the edge of the wind window with the bar sheeted all the way in the kite wants to fly past me, cant strap my board on in time, the kite calls for lines all the same length and I’ve set my line settings on the kite to first knot on rear lines and 4th knot on front lines and it still wants to fly past me I was thinking of lengthening my front lines so it will sit further back in the window? Suggestions, there is no bar pressure? when riding all is well, handles really nice and I can park it just about anywhere no problem.

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So you can turn the kite easily? It responses good on your input of the bar?

Is the wind maybe a litte gusty, this can cause that the kite will frontstall.

You could try to lengthen your front lines, or shorten your backlines indeed!


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Keep the kite moving until your on the board & the apparent wind has increased. Push the bar out as required


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