another bar with a 10m razor

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i want to use my cabrinha bar with the razor, i know the safety will work, but does the higher Y on the kite make it fly bad? How high is the Y on OR bars?



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There isn’t a high Y on and Ocean Rodeo 4 liner . All lines are the same length.

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Yes and no. The lines are the same length but there is a high Y. The ropes on the end of the bar even out the lines so all lines will be equal will be when sheeted in That’s the way it is on my Fusion bar.

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I used my 2011 65cm Cabrinha bar with my Flite 17 - flew fine. Greatly prefer the Freeride bar though!!!

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How about the new Best bar? I really like the swivel and depower on it, nice form and fit. It should work, right?