Advice on fins and straps/pads for a custom made Mako 140

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In an earlier post I reported on my custom made cedar strip Mako 140 (actually 141).  I’m sharing pads/straps and fins from my other twin tips, but it’s time the woody had a set of its own. 

I’ll probably order a pair of stock Mako fins.  Why reinvent the wheel; however, if anyone has any suggestions to the contrary or alternatives in terms of performance and why, I’d love to hear about it. 

Straps pads suggestions?  Comfort is always welcome, and the price of pads/straps (handle / fins) can get up there.  I’ll probably purchase new, but is anyone parting with their reasonably decent set of used ones?


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any twin tip pad setup will work, as long as its not too wide,  just make sure the heel side and toe side edges are back at least 1cm from the boards rail.
If they hang over the rail edges water pressure will hit the pad edges when your cranking high speed turns this can knock the rail out of its grip mid turn.