Cypher 9M stalling problem

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I’ve been riding for a year mostly in my area. I usually take my Slingshot 13M kite which works perfectly up to 20 knots (I weight 90kg). The other day, we had a gusty day with winds from 20 to 25 knots. So I decided to pump my new Cypher 9M for the first time.
Some experienced kiter help me launch at the beach, with my both hands on the bar,  the kite started to move up slowly up to 9 o’clock and the started to drift sideways and loose altitude. I quickly started to back up fast to put tension on the lines and the kite caught more wind into the power zone. I managed to keep control and did not crashed, but it was a close call. That situation never happened with my 13M .

The Cypher is a very nervous kite compare to my 13M, so I quickly moved out of the beach area and into the water, adjusted the de-power stopper on the fusion bar to a setting that still has a little bit of tension on the line (I would say 99% depower) if I let go the bar.

I started to ride and noticed the kite has not a lot of low end, I had to maneuver up and down to get some momentum. If the kite goes fast, it has power (from apparent wind I guess) otherwise I had to work it out. If I go to slow or stop in the water, the kite “drops” from the air like a leaf. It happened twice and the last time, the kite got tangled in the lines and kept relaunching on it’s own. I managed to grab the front lines which stop the relaunching and did a self rescue. That was it for the day for me.

I was not impressed with the Cypher, there must be something I did wrong or something I didn’t get. I have used the recommended settings on the kite (More depower, slow turning).

Any advice?

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Hey Kitemore,
I own a 13m (waroo) and a 9m Cypher to (83 kg). In my opinion and experience the Cypher 9m is a very stable and easy to fly 9m kite. Not nervous at all compared to other 9m kites. For me it starts with 18 knots, so 20 should work if your board isn’t too small.

I am wondering how much experience you have with smaller kites? If your only experience is with your 13m I can imagine you consider this 9m nervous.. I guess you would consider any 9m kite as nervous… From your description of the behaviour of the kite in the air I get the impressuion it was backstalling?
(lookup this term on internet if not familiar with it). In that case you had your kite too powered, you can make any kite flying backwards by powering too much.. Check your line lengths and if necessary use the knots on bar or kite or some pigtails to make them equal length. This should be equal length in fully powered state. (strap loose, bar down).

In 20-25 knots (I would consider that a very stable wind, not gusty at all) I can still use my 13 waroo with 90 kilo you should be able to handle your 13 m too. I can imagine you had to sinus for a start. Considering you are riding for a year your rideing skills probably have something to do with it as well. The low end of a kite strongly depends on skill. (I suggest you look for a youtuber: lowwind technique. Look for tutorials with the Hulk, they are very good)

Give the Cypher a second change, it is the nicest and most stable 9m I have flown… (compared to F-one Bandit, Best Waroo and Nemesis, Gaastra jekyll and North Evo)