SOLD!  2011 OR Mako King

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Yes this is the one.
The first year of the Wood Core
The one with the White top with longitudinal Green Racing Stripe.
Full length deck pad.Check
165 X 45. Check
18mm concave. Check
2-TwinTip H1 56mm fins with screws. Check
3-TTS 100mm Swept Surfy Fins. (for directional fun).Check
2-Dakine X-Lace Wave Footstraps. easy adjust on the water. ($62 Retail). Check
2-TTS 85mm Swept Surfy Fins (mix and match with the other surf fins, $22 Retail).Check

If you’re on this site, and looking at this, well you know what this board is, what it can do, how much they cost and that they’re hard to find used.
I now ride a Strapless surfboard 95% of the time, and my 140 Mako when I go back to twintip. I haven’t ridden this King much the last two years. It taught me to carve, and ride toeside. It works in superlight winds, but still able to stay planted in big gusts, glassy surfaces or living mogul fields, great for extended downwinders with fluctuating winds.
It does have some topside scratches/abrasions. It’s used. The bottom and rails are fine.

Located: Monona Wisconsin USA
Price: $550 USD Buyer pays shipping. PayPal for transaction.
pm me if interested in this pillow ride Cadillac

Thanks for looking

Sold 11-1-2013 to Mike.
Enjoy the ride brotha!