Advice on the right OR kite for me

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I LOVE my Mako 140 and PyroPro dry suit, but my go to kite is a 2011 11m Cabrinha Switchblade.  I also occasionally fly a 2012 8m Slingshot RPM, and a 2012 15m Best Taboo, and also ride a 2013 CrazyFly Raptor Pro and a 153 Lightwave Wing board.  I’m 5’9, 155lbs male, in my 3rd year kiteboarding.  I mostly freeride, like lofty jumps, and am getting into riding waves.  I’m not into tricks and freestyle (yet anyway).  I want to learn to do powered kiteloops (currently only doing gentle kiteloops while jibing).  I ride almost year round, in Massachusetts.
I’m looking to replace both my 8m RPM and 11m Switchblade kites, and considering 2014 OR kites among other brands (Cabrinha, Switch, North…).  I don’t really like the RPM.  I love my Switchblade, though I wish it turned faster and had less bar pressure.
Based on the above info, I am seeking advice/recommendations on:
1. What OR kite model(s) and size might be best suited for my riding style and preferences?  The Razor seems like the right kite, but perhaps the Prodigy might be a ‘wiser’ choice as a more forgiving kite?
2. What combination of kite sizes should I consider for a 2 kite quiver, in addition to my light wind 15m taboo?
3. Comparison of Razor or Prodigy with Cabrinha Switchblade, Switch Element & Nitro, and North Evo & Rebel kites.
4. Which of the 3 bars should I consider, and in what size?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m certain that in the days ahead you will get a lot of helpful suggestions from the Crew.

Give Ben a call at the New England Kite School,  He may have some pointers for you at your current level of progression and he has some Prodigy kites that he may be willing to let you demo in trade for some local brews.

I honestly feel like I could confidently recommend either kite for you and be happy with it.  However, because you mentioned kite loops, I have to suggest the Razor.  Whenever I take one out, I can hear the rest of the team here at OR yelling “LOOOOOOOOOOP ITTTTT” from the beach.  That kites loves to loop.  It’s not that the Prodigy doesn’t loop well, it’s just not the Razor. 

For simplicity and lofty jumps, Prodigy.  If you want explosive power, the Razor.

I would likely recommend a 7, 10 split in the Razor, and a 7, 9.5 for the Prodigy to compliment your 15m Taboo.  To fill in the gap between the 10m and 15m, a surf board, your LiteWave Wing, our Origin, or a Mako King, would all do the job nicely. 

For a comparison to any of the kites that you listed, I will honestly say that I have not flown any of them so I cannot comment. 

We offer three bar choices that come down to personal preference.  I prefer an above the bar depower, so the current Freestyle bar is my choice most of the time.  When I want a lot of sheeting capability (waves and storms) I go with the Freeride bar.

***The photo below is me this summer at Nitinaht Lake, learning to kite loop.  That one didn’t end well.***

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I concur with Todd. For kites being similar weight to you I’d recommend 10m Razor coupled with 7m Prodigy. The Razor has a great low end and the Prod will be superb for higher winds (often gusty.) It also has great range.



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Thanks guys.  Really appreciate your insight.