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Our webhost recently had multiple failures resulting in our site going down and a back up also going down.  We had to revert back to a December backup while our host tries to recover a more recent backup.

This means that any photos you uploaded,  topics posted, and likely sessions logged, from mid-December to mid-January were unfortunately lost.

The photos that you share are fantastic, thank you, we would love if you notice a photo missing to please upload it again. 

If you posted a question to the forum, please repost if you were waiting on an answer or an update. 


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I was stoked to see a session tracker however find it very buggy.  After spending a bunch of time getting my locations set up I started logging sessions. But it looks like there was an issue that deleted my sessions and my locations list.  I tried to recreate my locations list and log some sessions but I am having problems again.  I can’t add any locations to my list or log any sessions.

I could have a setting wrong causing the problem but I am not sure.  I do have my privacy setting to allow the site access to my location but I still can’t log sessions or create a locations list.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work?




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Bugger :(  I can’t remember what sessions I scored through December, let alone where I was or what the conditions were.

John - I’ve found setting up the locations to be troublesome.  I just tried adding a session though, and that’s worked OK, albeit with a known location. Not that that helps you much.


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