React in light winds

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Thinking about react to start my kids with a water relaunchable kite…and to let friends try for a bit more feeling for a real water kite than a trainer
how does it fly in light wind?  what would people say is the minimum wind for skilled flier /non skilled flier?


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the fist Reacts are just hitting the market this past week, it may be few days for end user feedback.
We spent considerable time lighting up this trainer vs the Rise 2m trainer,..all to improve light wind performance.
The React has a single center strut, and no one pump system vs the Rise 2m that had 3 struts and one pump tubing. We realized a substantial weight savings eliminating these features.
We’re also using some of weight reduction mfg tricks from the Flite 17m kite,..

The stock setup on the bar offers low bar pressure,..great for kids,...and a “just let the bar go” safety via the roll over bridle…nice and simple.
I hope this helps, and thanks for thinking about OR for your trainer kite!