Getting wet in the soul drysuit

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I expect to have a bit of moister in my suit when I am done but I feel like I constantly and completely damp in my suit. I am currently wearing technical long sleeve shirt and pants under my drysuit but every time I take it off I feel completely damp. The ankle neck and wrist seals seem to be fine but it is always the same.

Any thoughts?


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Hey there, just drop us a line to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with some more details of exactly what’s up and we can probably sort that out for you.

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I was wondering if you resolved or learned more about your issue.I too felt like this was occurring. My first thought was the seals, zippers, or the material.

However, after giving it some thought, there could be additional factors at play.

1) We are exercising and sweating in the suit, but the water is cold so we may not ‘think’ we are sweating.
2) If the sun is shining and the water is cold, this may be creating condensation within the suit.

I have stopped short of donning the suit and jumping into the shower at home to see if I still feel the same wetness within the suit. HOWEVER, ONE THING THAT HAS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY, I USE A NORTHFACE TECHNICAL JACKET OVER MY SMART WOOL BASE LAYER UPPER. This keeps me from feeling the chill created by the outdoor air temperature, cold water temperature and the 20+knots of apparent wind. My base layer is still moist/wet, but I don’t feel clammy anymore and I am able to ride much longer.

Prior to this I tried using two base layers of Smartwool; however, I would still get clammy and feel an uncomfortable chill, even worse than before actually. Since going to a single Smartwool base layer and a breathable fabric Northface jacket I am much happier and can focus on riding and not my suit.

Curious to hear what you came up with on your end!
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All Waterproof breathable materials rely on the DWR coating (silicone treatment) of the outer nylon layer to be in good working condition. If your DWR has worn out, the out nylon fabric will get soggy and hold water. All DRW coatings eventual wear off,..with todays technology this is normal.  For max performance you need to be refurbished the DWR each year or two for peak breathabitliy.. You can see the laminate stucture of the OR fabric at the below link that explains the layering.

To replace the DWR,...
Give your suit a good wash with fresh water or even use tech cleaner like tech cleaner (Grangers has great reveiws)  before applying the DWR spray.
Nikwax TX direct spray (DWR spray)  is applied directly to the suit via the pump bottle. The spray does not effect the latex seals - this is important! This treatment will make the fabric like new again.

You can get the Nikwax and tech cleaners at most outdoor stores as this is process is also standard treatment for breathable jackets, pants, fishing waders etc.

Another location to regularly tune up is the Tizip dry zipper docking ends. Use the provided silicone zip lube on the ends regularly.  If left “un-lubed”, the zip ends may weep as the PU dry’s out. 

We hope to offer the Nikwax for sale soon on the OR web store,..will also work up a new video on suit maintenance very soon.